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Tasmanian Tiger - Precious Little Remains
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Tasmanian Tiger - Precious Little Remains is available to purchase from the QVMAG Art Gallery and Museum Shops for RRP $34.95. Or download a Shop Order Form.

Excellent addition to the literature on the Thylacine
First and foremost, the book is beautifully presented and the gilded pages, implying that you are about to look at something precious, a nice touch. The book is comprehensive, without being too academic, and flows well between chapters. All in all; an excellent addition to the literature on the thylacine and a credit to you and David’s hard work. 

Dr Stephen Sleightholme, Project Director, International Thylacine Specimen Database Project London

Download the online version

On 7 September 1936, the last known thylacine, or Tasmanian Tiger, died in the Hobart Zoo. Ironically, almost eight weeks prior, the species had been given full legal protection by the Tasmanian Government.

What was the thylacine and what became of it? A handful of photos and some old film footage, stories and recollections, together with a few treasured museum specimens are all that survive of this remarkable and misunderstood animal. 

The exhibition includes thylacine remains from the QVMAG collection not seen before, as well as historical photographs and objects and stories about this remarkable and misunderstood animal.

A feature of the exhibition is a unique buggy rug (for use in a buggy or carriage), presented to the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Hobart, by the Federal Group in 2002. This is the only known multi-skin rug made from thylacine skins.

Tasmanian Tiger: Precious Little Remains Publication Content

Interview with Tasmanian Tiger: Precious Little Remains Curator, Tammy Gordon:

The exhibit has been made possible by the Federal Government Your Community Heritage program. 
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Aust Gov Dep Sust, Environ, Water, Population and Communities

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